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Happy homecoming after a sailor's first deployment

It's always a happy moment when a Navy ship returns to base, but it was extra special for one sailor in particular who returned from his first deployment.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In this week's Stories of Service we'd like to focus on a happy homecoming. 

Earlier this month, the USS The Sullivans returned home from a 4-month deployment, which was the crew's 3rd deployment in the last two years.

On this deployment the crew traveled 29,000 nautical miles and helped ensure maritime security in the Middle East.

Balloons, hugs and 'welcome home' signs, the images never get old. 

This return was brand new for Seaman Apprentice Dylan Farley, this was his first deployment.

"It's crazy actually, it was weird pulling into Mayport, like déjà vu," said Farley.

The Sullivans left for deployment back in October, and while family members are thrilled to have their sailors home, Farley's time at sea was eye-opening.

"The experience was great, learned a lot of new things, going around the world seeing new places," said Farley."Amazing to see the culture there and see how they live and their type of ways."

And now Farley and the rest of The Sullivans crew can enjoy being home for a while.

It's an honor to share the stories of the brave men and women of our military on the First Coast. If you have a story of service that you would like us to share, email storiesofservice@firstcoastnews.com and let us know about it.

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