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Family welcomes boy with autism to join private party

Eli was so excited for his date with his Aunt at We Rock The Spectrum in New Orleans that he had decided he wanted to wear a bow tie that day.

"I thought he was overdressed for our date to We Rock The Spectrum this morning (peep bow tie), but since I had on a dress I figured “fair enough," Cutno wrote in a Facebook post.

There was just one slight hiccup. When the pair arrived at the sensory-safe gym, they noticed there was already a private party going on.

Renée Cutno said she was dreading telling Eli he had to go home; he had already taken his shoes off.

"As I knelt next to him to break the news gently, the owner of the gym informed me that the parents of the birthday boy said it was okay for Eli to stay and play," Cutno wrote.

Cutno said the family then invited Eli over to have cake and sing happy birthday to their son, Jake. Eli even got a treat sack along with the other guests.

"We had never met before and may never cross paths again, but I know it’s families like Jake’s that help to make this world a better place," Cutno wrote.

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