Legends never die, and the legendary neighborhood kids from "The Sandlot" are coming back for a television sequel.

"The Sandlot" director David Mickey Evans announced that the beloved film would be getting a sequel during an episode of the podcast "The Rain Delay."  The new show will be available to stream, but Evans did not reveal which streaming service had picked up the show.

Evans also said that the the film's original cast would be coming back for the sequel. The original film followed a group of kids in 1962 who play baseball at a sandlot. It's a classic coming-of-age story within a sports film. At the end of the film, the boys are 30 years older, with two of the characters, Benny and Scotty, becoming a Major League Baseball player and a sportscaster respectively.

There have been two follow-ups to the beloved film. Evans wrote and directed "The Sandlot 2" in 2005, which had a direct-to-video release. Only James Earl Jones returned to reprise his role as Mr. Mertle.

"The Sandlot: Heading Home" also had a direct-to-video release in 2007, but Evans was not involved. 

Evans has also previously said that he was working on a prequel movie to the film.

Little is known about the TV show right now, but according to Slashfilm, the show has already been ordered for 2 seasons, and will be set 22 years after the original film's 1962 setting.