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Eight easy last minute Halloween costume ideas

These costumes can be made quickly and they won't break the bank.

Halloween is only days away, so if you haven't gotten a costume yet, you may be feeling the heat. There may not be enough time to order one online, and the best costumes may already be sold out at your local Halloween store. If you procrastinated this year and are still looking for a costume, here are eight easy ideas that are sure to get a laugh from your friends at a Halloween party. 

1. Pig in a Blanket

All you need for this costume is a pig nose and pig ear headband and a blanket. If you own a blanket with arm holes, like a Snuggie, it will be easier to move around for parties or trick-or-treating.

Credit: Francis Abbey, TEGNA

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2. Three Hole Punch Jim from "The Office"

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

Pay homage to the classic NBC sitcom with this easy costume. Use black construction paper to tape three dots to a white button down and tie. Make sure not to style your hair at all! For a cute couple costume, have your partner dress as Cat Pam. 

3. It's Raining Men

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

This costume will definitely keep you warm if it's a cold Halloween. Print out photos of your favorite men in your life and attach them to an umbrella with string. Finish the look with a warm rain jacket and rain boots. 

4. Rosie the Riveter

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

If you're bad at arts and crafts, you won't find an easier costume than Rosie the Riveter. Grab a blue button down and a red bandana and you're set. Don't forget to show off your biceps in photos!

5. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

This costume is a great excuse for taking out that fancy dress or suit that you bought for an event and never wore again. Buy some roses (real or fake) and dress to impress. Make sure to ask others if they "accept this rose." Who knows, you may find the next love of your life. 

6. Boo from "Monsters Inc." 

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

This costume is inspired by the lovable toddler from Disney's "Monsters, Inc.," and works especially well if you're short. Buy the biggest pink T-shirt you can find, and tie your hair up in pigtails. You can bring a plush Sully if you're doing a solo costume, ask a partner to dress up as Sully for a couple costume or grab two friends for a Boo, Sully and Mike group costume.

7. Smartie Pants

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

This punny costume doubles as a snack if you get hungry. Buy some smarties and stick them to a pair of black pants with double-sided tape. Finish the look with a button down shirt, bow-tie and glasses. For an extra nerdy look, tape the bridge of your classes with some scotch tape.

8. 50 Shades of Gray

Credit: Francis Abbey/TEGNA

Don't worry. Despite the name, this is actually a very safe-for-work costume. Head to your local hardware store and stock up on some free sheets of paint samples. Find as many shades of gray samples as you can, and tape them to a gray shirt. Finish the look and up your pun game with a pair of shades.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this story listed a ninth costume that has been removed due to its sensitive nature.

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