Bugatti says it has sold the world's most expensive car -- the brand new La Voiture Noire -- at a cost of 16.7 million euro or $18.9 million.

Dubbed the "ultimate grand tourismo", the luxury creation was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.

"The Voiture Noir is a beauty on its own," says Stephan Winkelmann, president of the luxury automaker. "It's a car which we love on the first sight and we call it the ultimate Gran Turismo. It has a beautiful and powerful engine, eight-litre capacity, 16-cylinder and 1,500 horsepower."

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Winkelmann says the one-off has already been sold to a Bugatti enthusiast. No more will be built.

"If you look at the body work, there's not one line too many," says Winkelmann. "And we also have all the design elements which are making a Bugatti immediately recognizable.

Bugatti also showcased an ultra-exclusive Chiron Sport 110 to celebrate its 110th anniversary. It's limited to 20 cars and decorated with the French flag to celebrate the brand's French heritage.

According to Winkelmann, all 20 have been sold for a price of 5 million euros, or $5.6 million, each.

The annual Geneva International Motor Show runs from March 7-17. More than 900 models will be shown, including over 150 world and European premiers.

la voiture noire Bugatti
Bugatti's "la voiture noire"