CW is adding five new dramas for next season, including a remake of millennial nostalgia trip Charmed, an update on sci-fi series Roswell and a second spinoff of The Vampire Diaries. And the network, which is adding a sixth night of programming on Sundays this fall, has renewed its last endangered series, iZombie, for a fifth season, joining the also-returning The 100, which gets a sixth run.

Left out: The Wayward Sisters, a potential spin-off of Supernatural that had aired a pilot episode.

Charmed aired from 1998-2006, and the original Roswell from 1999-2006 on CW predecessor WB.  The new take on Charmed's witches is from Jennie Snyder Urman (Jane the Virgin), while Roswell, New Mexico, as its now called, updates its premise: The new series focuses on the daughter of undocumented immigrants who discovers her crush, a police officer, is actually an alien.  

Other new series:

In the Dark, about a blind woman who's the only witness to the murder of her drug-dealing friend and enlists her dog, Pretzel, to help find the killer. 

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All American, based on the NFL's Spencer Paysinger, about a culture clash that results when a high-school football player from South L.A. is recruited to play in Beverly Hills. 

‘Roswell’ Season 2 Episode 10: “A Roswell Christmas Carol.” The short-lived WB series about teenage aliens (featuring young Katherine Heigl and Shiri Appleby) delivers one of our favorite Christmas episodes of all time. The show's alien hero, Max, chooses not to use his healing powers to save a man hit by a car, fearing it might expose him to the world. Max’s guilt over the choice sends him to a children's cancer ward, where the teen almost kills himself healing as many of the kids as he can before he gets caught. It may not be the happiest of Christmases, but it's definitely one of the most powerful.
Byron Cohen, The WB

Legacies, a spinoff of the soon-to-end The Originals, which itself was spun off from The Vampire Diaries. It centers on witches, vampires and werewolves in training at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, including offspring of the previous shows' characters.

Both of last season's freshmen dramas, Valor and Life Sentence, have been canceled.

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