JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Losing a child is hard enough, let alone it happening twice.

Georgia mother Chasity Foster talked with First Coast News about the now nationwide search for her necklace containing her daughter's ashes, a search that she said her daughter would be proud of because it shows that kindness does exist in total strangers.

“My neck just feels very bare without her," Foster said.

Foster said you'd often find her daughter Shaylin smiling even in the middle of races.

“Just with a bright future you know already accepted to Georgia Southern to study biomechanical engineering, she wanted to design prosthetics for children," she said.

Tragically, seven weeks ago, Shaylin died in a car crash on her way to school. Mom and dad decided to honor Shaylin by keeping her ashes in this cross and running the upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon race she’s run in years past.

Dad even dressed up in Shaylin’s costume.

“My biggest fear was something happening to this necklace containing her ashes and so I was constantly in the habit of checking, making sure she’s there, making sure she’s there," she said.

By now, most of the country along with people in Australia, Canada and Brazil knows what happens next.

“Devastated ... I’ve lost my baby and I’ve lost here again, this is just, we came down here to honor her and now she’s gone, gone again," Foster said.

Somewhere in a three quarter mile distance between where she stopped to take a photo, the necklace fell off.

“Even though it’s a small portion, when you lost your child, you hang on to every piece of your child," she said.

Frantic, distraught and shocked, Foster managed to finish the race carrying a new message along the way.

Chasity and her husband say they’re grateful for those who have looked and those that promise to look.

“It’s all just so kind, I would tell Shaylin one small act of kindness can change the world and through all of this, it really has - and I know she’s smiling right now - just overwhelmed that there’s people out there showing kindness," she said.

Kindness, in the search to bring Shaylin back home.

Foster holds onto hope that the necklace will be returned to her and said if anyone finds it, feel free to let her know on her Facebook page. She said she was willing to fly, drive and crawl anywhere she has to in order to get her daughter's ashes back.