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Mother arrested after 14-year-old daughter was shot in head at Arlington home

Neighbors say tragedies like this usually don’t happen in this neighborhood.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Amanda Jane Guthrie has been arrested after her 14-year-old daughter was shot in the head at a home in Arlington Tuesday night. 

Now, her daughter is suffering from severe injuries.

“I was surprised this happened and I was confused on why it happened like why she would be near a gun,” said Alicia Nelson one of the teen's friends.

Nelson has been the 14-year-old's neighbor for over a decade and they were basketball teammates.

“I always used to go over her house and hang with her family and we used to ride around back then it was really nice,” said Nelson.

Her mother, Tracy Nelson, knew Guthrie personally and Nelson says still trying to piece together the shocking news.

 “We do her yard and everything and she’s a great mom…she’s a great mom,” said Nelson.

Keith Johnson, another neighbor who has lived in the area for a while said "seeing something so close and so tragic it was a shock."

Neighbors say things like this don’t happen in this neighborhood, but to find out one of their neighbors was shot leaves them concerned.

“I pray for her family and her safe recovery. I pray because I know Ashley and they are going through it,” said Nelson.

First Coast News still does not have any detail on the 14-year-old's condition. The last heard is that she is not at the hospital.

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