JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The City of Jacksonville is keeping an eye on mosquitoes after a cold snap sent the winter season packing.

Already the bugs have been out biting and the City hopes as it heats-up, we do not see a banner year for mosquitoes.

"They have one thing in mind and that is to eat and feed and lay eggs bite," City of Jacksonville entomologist Marah Clark

Even with a cold snap, she said, do not expect all the biting to stop.

"There might be a little more aggressive now because there might be a cold season," Clark said.

What does it mean for summer?

"It is a little bit different from the norm," Clark said.

The early activity also means Mosquito Control is looking at larvae, setting up traps, and getting ready to bite back if things get worse.

Clark says they’re counting 47 types of mosquitoes around Jacksonville: none carriers of Zika virus. Still, Clark said, she has heard the groans around town about the annoying insect.

"We have to see a certain level of activity with our technicians going out in the field," Clark said.

A threshold the City has not met just yet. If it does, Clark said the fight will be by air and ground.

"We take it a day at time a week at a time and see what her populations of mosquitoes so we can respond appropriately," Clark said.

Until then, Clark added, use plenty of spray including those that contain DEET.