Hundreds of high school seniors in Duval County are getting a chance to interview with colleges and accept offers right on the spot.

The annual event is busting the standard for how students and colleges interact. Putting it all together, counseling students from the University of North Florida, led by assistant professor Julie Hartline.

"We bring these opportunities to students who can’t necessarily make the trip to other schools," Hartline said.

Now in its eighth year, Instant Decision Days have helped thousands of kids in Duval County Public Schools start their next academic chapter. Mandarin High School Senior Roman Khavan said he has been preparing for college for years.

"Managing sports, managing clubs, and managing just school in general it’s stressful, but it will definitely prepare me for my college life I believe," Khavan said.

Not only are colleges from around the Southeast accepting students on the spot, they're offering millions in scholarships. More than $4 million awarded in 2016 and already $3 million awarded at the halfway point in 2017. For students with multiple offers, they're sizing-up schools -- not the other way around. Narrowing down their choice is not an easy one.

"Maybe by tuition, you know which one costs the most," Mandarin High School student Adriel Thomas.

"If they can help me expand and grow in my major," Mandarin High School student Bailey Williams said.

Hartline added even if they're not signing with UNF, a greater good is being fulfilled.

"School counselors we want to help students find the right space wherever that may be," Hartline said.

Next year she hopes there will be more opportunities and scholarships available.

Students at Paxon Academy will get the chance to meet with college representatives Thursday, and the event will move to Terry Parker High School on Friday.