VILANO BEACH, Fla. -- The South Carolina Aquarium released six of the 12 turtles they recently rehabilitated.

All of these turtles were brought from up north where the water is much too cold for them to survive, according to Willow Melamet, manager at the sea turtle rescue with the aquarium.

This group of six were composed of one Green sea turtle and five Kemp Ridley turtles, which are endangered. Their release into the wild will help to ensure that their population grows. They were released in Vilano Beach at Surfside Park.

Melamet said that typically the SC Aquarium chooses names for its turtles based on names of cities and things around where they are rescued. However, because these turtles were brought in such a large group they got special Star Wars names.

Melamet said that a lot of their rescues are to relocate turtles from cold water to warm. This is why the SC Aquarium released the turtles in the warm Florida water, because the waters in South Carolina are still a bit too chilly.

When the water warms up in South Carolina, they will resume releases there.

After the release of these six turtles, Melamet said the aquarium only has three left to release!