JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Memorial Day is a time to honor those who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces. 

To commemorate that day, most people gather for barbeques and spend time with family and friends. For most of us, it's a normal day, but for Joshua Davis this year was different. 

Davis was riding his motorcycle down Normandy Boulevard when he was involved in a horrible crash. It was the quick actions of first responders and his helmet that saved his life. 

Joshua Davis being saved by First Responders after crashing on Memorial Day
Lisa Mers

Lisa Mers saw the whole thing in her rear-view mirror. She heard the tires screech. 

"The woman that actually was involved in the accident she was just pulling out of a subdivision," she said. [It was] just bad timing for Joshua. She didn’t see him."

Mers turned around and rushed to Davis' side. When she found him she started praying. When she noticed he wasn't breathing, she prayed harder and watched him take that first breath before help arrived. 

When Captain Ken Keene, from Station 73 got to the scene, they saw Davis underneath a car, his motorcycle further away. Capt. Keene's crew rolled the car away from Davis, stabilized him and rushed him to the hospital. 

Joshua Davis being rescued by Lisa Mers and JFRD
Lisa Mers

Captain Troy Jenschke, from Rescue 43 loaded Davis into the rescue vehicle. “Obvious fractures to both of his legs, bruising all over his chest and abdomen, which tell us early into the crisis that things are not really good."

“There’s not a whole lot you can do for them in the field except stabilize them.  But they need the surgeon and that’s what we tried to do in this case, get him to the surgeons as fast as we could," said Capt. Keene. 

David was Turning off of Normandy Blvd. behind another truck. Another car was entering the intersection and didn’t see him. 

"They pulled out and of course, I had nowhere to go," he said. "I laid the bike down and went up underneath the car that pulled out."

 He didn't wake up for days. 

Joshua Davis in the hospital after crash
Joshua Davis

David doesn’t remember the crash or the day after, just what people told him days later. 

“It was a little overwhelming but I kept a positive attitude and a positive outlook on everything, thinking that there’s nowhere else but up from here," he said. "I can do this, I can beat it. I can get better. It’s going to be no issue."

Today he got to see the men that were there in his time of need. 

“Just basically thank you," Davis said. "That’s all that I can say. That’s what that they deserve is a thank you from me."

Joshua Davis on his way to rehab
Joshua Davis

Capt. Jenschke was excited to hear that Davis will make a full recovery.  

"It's awesome to actually get to see that what you did actually made a really big difference and everything worked," he said. "Like you’ve been to school for and everything you’ve trained for actually worked.”

Capt. Keene mentioned multiple times the importance of safety gear.

“He had a full-faced helmet," Keene said. "He didn’t have any visible injuries to his head which was good. That’s what saved him, that full-faced helmet.”

“For all the motorcycles out there, always wear your safety gear," Davis said. "And anybody that’s not on a motorcycle, like we always say, look twice for motorcycles.”