Dustin Theobald is calling his encounter with a shark in shallow water a one in a million experience.

The 30 year old said he remembers relaxing in a shallow area of Fernandina Beach Friday afternoon when he felt pressure on his right foot.

Beach officials closed the Nassau County beach Friday after Theobald and a 17 year old boy were bitten around the same time.

RECAP: Fernandina Beach waters reopen after double shark bite; both victims in stable condition

I was out there just laying on my stomach, it happened so fast," Theobald said. "I felt pressure on my foot and then it jerked back around left and right."

Within seconds, Theobald said he reached down and felt the shark's face and the fish immediately swam away.

"I was trying to usher everyone out, there were a lot of people around me that I felt should probably get out of the water," Theobald said. "As soon as I got out of the water blood started pouring out and there was a trail of blood all the way up to the life guard stand."

Theobald’s family started a Go Fund Me page for the self-employed handyman: https://gf.me/u/ju5uqu

He says his doctors expect it to take six weeks before he’s back on his feet. Theobald says this experience won’t dissuade him from continuing to surf with his son.

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