JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—You can buy almost anything on the internet these days: clothes, shoes, electronics - you name it. But how about fresh produce from a local farmer?

Under the hot Florida sun, Charles Alvarez and his crew put in a lot of hard work. Charles is the owner of Alvarez Farms, right outside of Jacksonville.

All of the vegetables and fruit you see in his fields are available for purchase online.

"It's there; boxed, packaged - ready for you," said Charles Alvarez.

Michael Novotny is the founder and creator of this new website, called LocalTown. It's an online marketplace that allows people in our community to have access to local, affordable, and healthy food.

"You can buy food that doesn't have to be 1,500 miles away, transported from all around the world. It's right in your backyard," explained Michael Novotny.

Novotny said you can get food for half the price of what you find in the supermarket, from your neighborhood farmer, without leaving your house.

"They already know through LocalTown what's it going to cost them, where it's going to be at and what's available," added Alvarez.

For more information on LocalTown, click here.