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Woman believes her husband 'from up above' tugged her towel to help her discover her breast cancer

Sheri Mulane is a breast cancer survivor. She credits her deceased husband for helping her discover her breast cancer.

"I thought, 'Oh, my gosh! That boobie doesn't look right!'" Sherif Mulane said, crediting her deceased husband with helping her discover her breast cancer.

Mulane says it all happened in her bathroom. Mulane wasn't happy about gaining too much weight, so, she says she always avoided looking into the mirror after her shower.  

Her husband, her love of her life, had passed away in 1998. They were always Jerry and Sheri. 

Years later, Mulane found herself getting help, she says, from Jerry "up above."

Credit: Mulane

She was standing in the bathroom, and, she said "I felt a tug. My towel went down to the floor." 

It was then, unexpectedly, she looked suddenly in the mirror and saw a distinct "puckering" on her breast.

Turned out it was stage 2 breast cancer.  

"I couldn't feel a thing," Mulane said. 

She knew that a puckering or dimpling on the outside of the breast can signal breast cancer. It doesn't have to be a lump.

"I believe he was taking care of me," Mulane said. 

She also credits Buddy Check 12, a program that encourages women to look for changes in their breasts. 

Mulane is back on the golf course now. She says other women need to be checking because Buddy Check "saved my life and it can save the people you love."

If you want a free Buddy Check kit, just call Baptist Health at 904-361-8289.

Buddy Check has saved thousands of lives. If it's helped you, email Jeannie:

Her email is jblaylock@firstcoastnews.com. 

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