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Widow reimbursed for vehicle repairs after contacting 'Ask Anthony' team for help

With the recent death of her husband, Barbara Finn couldn't find the warranty paperwork needed to pay for repairs to her son's jeep. She paid out of pocket.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Coast News held an "Ask Anthony" listening session at The Lab Bakery and Coffee Bar in Orange Park this week.

Barbara Finn came from Fernandina Beach to talk about an issue she was having with reimbursement for her son's jeep repairs. They purchased an extended warranty that should have covered most of the costs, however they had a problem finding the paperwork.

"About six months prior to this happening, my husband suddenly passed away from illness and my husband was the one who handled all the car and insurance stuff," Barbara Finn said. 

Finn contacted the warranty company, American Auto Guardian, about the issue and asked for a reimbursement. However, her claim was denied. 

According to the contract, all repairs must first be authorized by the claim administrator before the repair begins. According to AAGI, The repair claim was submitted after the repairs were completed.

Anthony Austin contacted AAGI and explained the situation and the untimely death of Finn's husband. The company reviewed additional information and agreed to reimburse Finn for the repairs. 

"I tried to do it myself several times and I couldn't make it happen. I can't tell you how grateful I am," Finn added.

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