The Jags run to the AFC title game against the Patriots is sure to bring some bandwagon fans, but do you know why the team's mascot is a jaguar?

To shed some light on the mascot mystery, First Coast News started at the Jacksonville Zoo, where fans like Thomas Linder wore Jaguars gear to the jaguar exhibit.

Even though Linder has been a season ticket holder, he doesn't know how the name came to be.

"I couldn't even guess I don't even know not even off the top my head," Linder said.

Zoo deputy director Dan Maloney has a theory:

"Certainly Jaguars thousands of years ago had a greater range than they do today so I would say jaguars were found in Florida at one time"

But, he says, that's hardly proof.

"I'm not sure," Maloney said. "It certainly great alliteration. Jacksonville Jaguars."

The man who donned the original Jaxon DeVille Curtis Dvorak had a similar thought when he first came to town.

"I just assumed, at the time coming down here, Jacksonville Jaguars, JJ, was just an animal named it made sense," Dvorak said. "I found out when I got here that earlier, touchdown Jacksonville was a group that came together to bring the team here and put it out to the fans, a fan vote."

Fans choose "Jaguars" over "Sharks," "Stingrays", and "Panthers," according to the book "To the NFL: You Sure Started Somethin': A Historical Guide of All 32 NFL Teams and the Cities They've Played In," by R.D. Griffith.

"I can't imagine this team being called anything else but the Jacksonville Jaguars," Dvorak said.

It turns out the reason the team is called the Jaguars, is you, the fans.