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First Coast woman's Facebook ad says she'll do braces for $400, medical professionals say buyer beware

A First Coast dentist is warning parents to be skeptical of a Facebook post offering $400 braces from home.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Four hundred dollar braces? Is it too good to be true? A Facebook post from a private group is raising some eyebrows and concerns from medical professionals.

A woman, who posted in the "Duval County Directory and Promo" private group, claims she's offering braces for $400 for children in December, including a year of treatment after the procedure. 

But one dentist First Coast News spoke with has reservations. 

"This is probably the first time I've heard somebody doing something of this scale," Dr. Megan Moshea said.

She's a dentist with Riverside Dental and urges patients to do their homework before signing up for any procedure.

Some people within the Facebook group say the woman is a dental assistant and performing work of an orthodontist from her home, however, First Coast News has not verified those claims. 

Dr. Moshea says that presents safety and health risks, including whether she has a license to be doing the work to begin with and if FDA approved equipment is being used.

First Coast News is not identifying the woman. 

"All of this comes down to very specific measurements that orthodontists are highly trained in and I just can't see the dental assistant with limited training and schooling could really be able to handle that," Dr. Moshea said. 

First Coast News tried to reach out to the woman who made the post, but we could not find her profile.

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