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'We’ll await official guidance' says Jacksonville International Airport on new mask guidelines

A Florida judge voided the US mask mandate on planes. Here's what that means if you plan to fly out of Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There's been an update when it comes to wearing your mask on planes and other public transportation.

The TSA is now saying it won’t enforce the mask mandate.

It comes after a federal judge, based out of Tampa, struck down the federal mask mandate on airplanes and public transportation. The judge says the CDC failed to justify its recent decision to extend the mandate into next month.

The CDC is still recommending them for travelers.

What does this mean for travelers out of Jacksonville International Airport or those connecting in other cities? Well, it could depend on your airline. Scroll down for the latest developments, organized by airline.

“We take guidance from our federal partners on the mandate," said a spokesperson for JIA. "We’ll await official guidance from TSA and then make an announcement at the appropriate time.”

The mask mandate was set to expire Monday, but officials extended it through May 3, arguing a new covid strain made the extension necessary.

The judge today ruled the CDC overstepped its authority, and now the department of justice is reviewing the judge’s decision.

Travelers who First Coast News talked to say they’d be happy to ditch their masks.

 “It’s good because I really don’t think you need it you sit real close to somebody on a plane and there’s a lot of people in the way, so I could touch something somebody else could be sick with and get sick,” said Melinda Munoz. 

A spokesperson for JIA says they plan to talk with TSA officials Tuesday and implement the necessary changes and announce them.

Latest Developments by Airline:

  • American Airlines said it will no longer be required on domestic flights, but may be required on some flights if local or international rules require it 
  • United Airlines - Masks not being enforced on domestic flights and *select* international flights. More here.
  • Alaskan Air and Horizon - Masks not being enforced, optional. More here.
  • Delta - Urges passengers to be patient with the new guidance for at least 24 hours, as not all airline and federal employees may be hearing about the change right away
  • Southwest Airlines - Says that because the TSA is no longer enforcing the policy, employees and passengers will similarly no longer be required to wear face masks. 
  • JetBlue - Masks are optional
  • Amtrak - Also says passengers and employees are no longer required to wear masks on trains or in stations, but are welcome to do so if they wish.

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