JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Snapchat video sent to First Coast News shows Jimmy John’s employees playing with dough and as of Monday the fast-food sandwich chain is investigating.

“Oh that’s nasty,” said Betty White, a Jacksonville resident.

That's pretty much the reaction from everyone we showed the video to. A viewer who wanted to remain anonymous sent us video of Jacksonville Jimmy John’s Employees playing with dough.

In the video, you can see the dough hit the ground multiple times.

FCN contacted the River City location and a manager confirmed that there is an active investigation into the incident.

First Coast News reached out to Jimmy Johns for comment on Monday.

On Tuesday, we received a written statement from the local franchise owners James & Rebecca Williams:

“Our investigation confirmed the dough used in the video was immediately discarded after the incident, however we do not condone this behavior from our employees and appropriate action has been taken to prevent this from ever happening again. We have been serving the community at this site for more than four years and will continue to provide only the highest quality and freshest product to our customers.”