UPDATE FEBRUARY 14, 2018: Security access to all City Council Offices has been deactivated for Hughes. He will follow visitor protocol, per Dr. Cheryl L. Brown, director of Jacksonville City Council.

Hours after a complaint was filed against Mayor Lenny Curry's Chief of Staff regarding an incident where the city council president's secretary reportedly felt "accosted" by him, the City of Jacksonville released surveillance video showing part of the alleged confrontation.

In the video, Brian Hughes is accused of creating a "hostile work environment" after he reacted negatively to a letter Council President Anna Lopez-Brosche sent without copying the Mayor's Office.

Watch the video below:

Hughes is accused of speaking to the staffer Monday afternoon about the letter in an "attacking manner while pointing his finger," and then following her into the Mayor's office, "spoke with fierce anger," and then "walked off."

The complaint continued that the staffer felt "extremely uncomfortable based on his aggressive tone, facial expressions and his physical movements."

The complaint comes in the wake of alleged bullying and threats made within city hall following increasing tension over a possible sale of JEA.

Hughes responded to the allegations on Twitter, stating that the accusation is false and that video evidence would disprove the complaint.

The City of Jacksonville is now investigating the incident.

The Mayor's Chief Administrative Officer Sam Mousa sent us this statement in response to the allegations:

“We were made aware of a complaint filed by an employee of the city council against a member of the mayor’s staff. There is a process in place to handle all such matters and we will fully comply with that process. I have reviewed the compliant, have spoken with the staff member and reviewed the attached video. I find the conduct alleged to be extremely out of character and not reflective of my colleague who I have worked closely with and not reflected in the video. This video will be a part of the review of this matter and we will adhere to all aspects of the review process.”