It was the landmark you saw whenever you would Google "Jacksonville, Florida," but now, the Jacksonville Landing is no longer picturesque.

The $1 million demolition job of the Jacksonville Landing is now underway. It started about two months ago and much of the demolition will be complete by the end of the year, according to our news partners, the Florida Times-Union.

On Wednesday, half of the Landing was demolished.

Aerial footage of the demolition shows crews from D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co. Inc, the company that won the contract to tear down the landmark with the goal of salvaging materials when possible.

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The demolition doesn't involve the use of explosives like crews used to take down the old City Hall Annex building a few blocks away. Instead, demolition crews are taking a step-by-step removal approach, similar to the old country courthouse, the Times-Union reported.

The Jacksonville Landing first opened in 1987.