JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former veteran and his family said they’ve been dealing with mold and a leaky ceiling since Hurricane Irma.

“I was injured and so after I got out of the military, we moved down here from Virginia because it was cold and rainy, and that made my pain worse, so we figured Jacksonville would be great for a fresh start,” Luis Marcano said. “I have three little boys and my wife has a baby on-the-way, so I wanted the best for them,” he said.

Marcano said maintenance workers at his complex, Creekside Community Park, put up a temporary roof but failed to address mold and water damage.

“I’ve been calling management and maintenance but I haven’t heard from anyone since December, and I was told that if I stopped paying, they would come after my credit,” he said.

Since Irma, Marcano said his children have been suffering from respiratory issues and nosebleeds. He has them wear breathing masks when they’re inside the house.

“I don’t sleep at night because I’m worried about them and it’s hard because I’m the dad but I can’t afford to move out, so I feel like my hands are tied,” he said.

First Coast News reached out to property management on Tuesday. An office manager said she was unaware of the mold and dangerous living conditions. She said she would offer the family extended-stay if conditions were unsafe until all repairs are made or a new trailer is brought in. She offered to reimburse Marcano his security deposit and allow him to break his lease as well.

A GoFundMe accountGoFundMe account has been created to help Marcano’s family as well.