JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Last January when John Ayala pulled up his carpet, he was preparing to have tiles installed -- what he discovered left him stunned. 

He called his homeowner's insurance right away.

"They never said it was a claim that I was putting in," Ayala said. "They said they would send someone out to make sure I was not having a sinkhole  problem."

A month later, an engineering firm investigated the cracks in his slab and determined the problem does not meet sinkhole related standards and closed the claim.

There would be no repairs, nothing.

"It could have been there from the day we bought the house," Ayala said. "Is it something I have to worry about?"

Ayala purchased his home in a West Jacksonville community back in 2008. He said his 20 years in the Navy helped him accomplish the American dream. 

Ayala said he has always had the peace of insurance, but in November his insurance carrier, ASI. sent him a notice that his policy will not be renewed.

"I'm insured with them until the 27th of March, then I am done," he said.

He suspects the non - renewal was related to his claim, but the stated reason for non - renewal is a "Reduction in Hurricane Exposure."

"When you need them, that's when they turn their backs," he said.

The hurricane season starts in June, a few months away, and Ayala has been shopping around for homeowner's insurance coverage.

 "I have called several companies and everybody says no," he said.

The proud Navy Veteran is at his wit's end.  

"They're making it harder and harder to keep the American dream," he said.

Insurance companies are not obligated to renew a policy, they're only required to give proper notice of non-renewal. In Florida, it is 120 days before the policy expires.

"All I think about is am I going to lose my home," he said. "I am going to lose my home."

On Your Side reached out to his insurance agent who told us that every year insurance carriers review their policies and decide what they will renew based on certain risk.

The agent told On Your Side he will work to get John Ayala the coverage he needs so he can have peace in his home.