In the wake of Hurricane Irma, a rumor about FEMA has been circulating social media.

One Facebook post that had been shared over 75,000 times on Tuesday afternoon claimed FEMA would pay $250 to anyone who lost power during Irma for more than two days.

Other similar posts reference a $500 payout if a hurricane survivor lost electricity for two hours.

After several viewer questions on these claims, First Coast News set out to verify its validity.

Nikki Gaskin with FEMA media relations, said these allegations are false.

"Our goal in FEMA is to get you back in your house so it's habitable safe and secure," Gaskin said. "We do not give away vouchers and anyone who is going around saying FEMA is giving away $500 vouchers, that is not what FEMA does. We don't compensate for spoiled food."

Gaskin said FEMA can help with home repairs, temporary housing, rental assistance, and in some cases dental care, medical care and funeral expenses.

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Despite the social media posts about FEMA and spoiled food being false, there are other possible options for recovering lost items from the fridge.

Homeowner's or renter's insurance policies can offer coverage for food loss, said Lynne McChristian, spokesperson for Insurance Information Institute.

McChristian said some policies require that your home or structure be damaged as well, but other policies do not have that requirement.

"You really need to call your insurance company and get the guidance and advice you deserve," McChristian said.

United Way has compiled a list of resources including food donations and can be reached by dialing 211.

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