JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- A social media post is stirring up a lot of speculation about Keyanta Bullard, a local rapper known as "Yungeen Ace," who was the lone survivor of a deadly shooting near the St. Johns Town Center. The social media post reached thousands and even caused some issues for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office over the weekend.

The post in question has more than 121,000 likes on Worldstar Hip Hop's Instagram page, a popular social media account for urban culture. The post reads "The Jacksonville Police just arrested ACE. He is sitting in jail, not in the hospital where he belongs. The detectives should be doing their jobs and looking for the killers, not locking up the victim."

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At the end of the post, you can see a number is given out. That number is listed on JSO's website as their non-emergency number. The message says people should call and ask for the nurse's office because "Yungeen Ace" needs his medicine. It appears Worldstar reposted this from an Instagram user with the name "Jonnyshipes." We sent that Instagram user a message about where this information came from, but he didn't respond.

However, we received an email from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Melissa Bujeda early Saturday morning. It said that the communications center was receiving hundreds of calls in a short amount of time because of the social media post and that those calls were delaying people who actually need police assistance.

To put it in perspective for you, in a follow-up email from Officer Bujeda, she said JSO received 156 calls between midnight and 5 am the day before the social media post. When that message was posted, JSO received more than 1,500 on the non-emergency number and 911 number in the same time frame. Officer Bujeda said the misuse of the 911 or the 911 system is an offense and you can be arrested.

She further clarified that the social media post is incorrect. Officer Bujeda said "Yungeen Ace" was not removed from the hospital. She said after he was released from the hospital he reported to his probation officer and that is when he was arrested. Jail records show he was booked into jail on Friday for violation of probation. It was in reference to a case in Clay County from 2017.

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A video posted on Instagram the day he was taken to jail shows "Yungeen Ace" riding in the back of a vehicle with a bandaged hand. He had posted earlier, while he was in the hospital, that he was shot 8 times. However, when we reached out to UF Health they couldn't verify that information.

We can verify that "Yungeen Ace" is in jail. But, it is false that he was arrested while in the hospital. As for the condition of his health, that's information we don't have at this time.

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