Is a photo of March for Our Lives and Parkland Survivor Emma Gonzelez shredding a copy of the Constitution real?


Nope--it's 100 percent photoshopped.


Teen Vogue photoshoot

Twitter Safety


Love em' or hate em' the Parkland teens have faced some serious cyberbullying.

They've been mocked for their age. Their eloquence. Their 'acting ability.'

Even after pulling off what could be called the biggest single-day protest in D.C.'s history, March for Our Lives leaders face continued ridicule online.

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A photo circulating on Twitter shows student activist Emma Gonzalez, tearing what appears to be a copy of the Constitution. The caption reads: "Proudly shredding The Constitution. Horrifying to ever educated American."

A lot of people were fooled by this photoshop job. Others stepped in to shut the conspiracy down.

Our Verify researchers traced the original picture to a Teen Vogue photoshoot days before the march. A verified gif reveals Emma Gonzalez is ripping a target used in target training NOT the constitution.

The photoshoot was part of a gun violence survivor op-ed called, "Dear Lawmakers, You're Killing Us."

The account that posted the photoshopped version, an obscure handle with ten numbers, is now suspended and people are claiming it was a Russian bot.

Twitter did not respond to our questions immediately but came out last month saying they are actively taking down tweets abusing and harassing Parkland survivors.

Twitter leadership recently announced they are taking down "troll armies" to make Twitter "healthier."

We can Verify this tweet is fake, and Twitter is actively taking down posts harassing Parkland survivors.