Verify: Does cool sculpting work for weight loss?
Author: Abby Curran
Published: 3:27 PM EST November 14, 2017
Updated: 6:48 PM EST November 14, 2017
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We all want a way to shed those last unwanted pounds. And there are many different ways advertised including what's called cool sculpting. Cool Sculpting seems like something out a science fiction novel. But could it be used to help you lose weight?


To find out, we spoke with Sonnie Kim-Ashchi. She’s an OBGYN doctor at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She also does cool sculpting procedures. A patient of hers, Beth Irwin also shared her story.

Let's start with the basics. What exactly is cool sculpting?

It is a nonsurgical procedure that freezes fat cells. Dr. Kim Ashchi says, “The cool sculpting uses the natural cell death process called apoptosis. As your cells get aged and it dies, it is metabolized by the kidney.” Then you pretty much just pee it out.

They attach a machine to your trouble area that sucks the fat in and freezes the fat cells. Then they're supposed to wither away. Dr. Kim-Ashchi says about 25 percent of them should die off completely. You leave the machine on for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Some people need more than one treatment.

What areas can be treated? “We always say, if you can grab it we can freeze it,” says Dr. Kim-Ashchi. So, places like your love handles, bra fat, double chin and yes guys, the dreaded man boobs.

Dr. Kim-Ashchi says this isn’t really a form of weight loss. The best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. The cool sculpting is a good compliment to that.

But will it work for you too?


Beth Irwin shared her experience with us. She started getting the procedure done about a year ago to help minimize lower stomach fat she had after multiple abdominal surgeries. “There’s very few procedures that if you’ve got scar tissue like some of us are even options,” says Irwin, “My goal was I had a ledge that when I would exercise and bend over, part of my body tissue would actually be between my hip bones and the tops of my thighs, which is very uncomfortable.”

Irwin says she only lost about 8 pounds but went down 2 to 3 clothing sizes. It just re-arranged things the way they used to be.

She did the procedure to be comfortable and says that “it has more than surpassed,” her expectations.


You may wonder what this procedure might cost. It varies by patient, but Dr. Kim-Ashchi's office offers complimentary consultations. There are occasionally events that include special pricing, a person's best bet is to come in for that complimentary consultation.

When we looked around online, we saw that Cool Sculpting starts at about $750 and goes into a few grand depending on what you want to have done and how many treatments you need.

We can verify: cool sculpting works in most cases. But it’s not a procedure that can be used to lose huge amounts of weight. You need to put in the hard work dieting and exercising.

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