One advertisement you might have seen during the Super Bowl, and probably still haven't gotten over, is an ad for Mint Mobile.

The family drinks chunky milk.

The ad goes on to say, “Wireless for 20 bucks a month, huh? That’s not right”.

So our Verify team set out to look into this ad. It checks out for the most part at $20 a month, but you need to read the fine print.

First, a phone doesn't come with the plan. You have to bring your own. A lot of phones are compatible. You can check on their website.

You have three options for plans. The one they're advertising for $20 a month right now is actually $20 for three months. You buy a month and get two free.

But, what happens after that? It's $35 a month or you can sign up for $300 for the whole year, which equals out to $25 a month.

That's for 8GB of data at 4G LTE speed. According to C Spire Data Calculator, 8GB a month will get you 4,000 emails, 400 page visits, 200 photos sent or posted, 200 app downloads, 28 hours of videos, 4 hours of HD videos, 28 hours of streaming music, 12 hours of game playing, and 12 hours of turn by turn directions.

But, what if that's not enough?

According to Kevin from Mint Mobile, "There’s no additional charge. The only thing that would happen, your data would just throttle to 2G. It would slow down.”

So you still have coverage, it’s just at a slower speed. You can, of course, purchase more data at a faster speed for $10 for an extra gigabite, $20 for three extra.

So, looking at all of this, First Coast News can verify what’s promised in the ad is true, to an extend. Just, again, make sure you read the fine print to make sure the plan works best for your family.

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We can also verify if your milk is that chunky, you need to throw it out.