We've all been there - having that mini heart attack upon seeing the latest gas price. The numbers on the pump soaring up along with our blood pressure.

So what's the best way to maximize your mileage?

We stumbled upon a Facebook debate questioning whether riding with your windows down saves gas versus using the air conditioner.

Some believed the A/C wastes more gas because it makes the engine work harder. Some even said they suffer the extra heat riding with the windows down to save that money. Others believed riding with the windows down still uses up gas because it causes wind resistance...

We set out to verify that and it turns out, it's all true.

"Obviously if you have your windows down and you're not running your A/C you're saving gas efficiency by not running your A/C," said Matt Nasworthy with AAA (Triple A). "But with your windows down it causes a drag on your car and it's not driving through the air as smoothly as it would be with the windows up,"

Nasworthy says both options will take a toll on the tank, although hard to say which method would waste more.

Nasworthy went on to say if you do want to use A/C, the best option is the recirculate button.

"If you run it on recirculate, you're actually getting better gas mileage than if you're opening the vent and having to cool the warm air coming from outside," Nasworthy said.

Nasworthy say you'll also burn more gas if your tire pressure is low, if you've got a full car or trunk, and if you slam on the pedals - starting or stopping.

Nasworthy says the amount of savings wouldn't be more than a few dollars, and that newer model cars do tend to be more efficient. Overall, Nasworthy says keeping up with maintenance is key to gas efficiency.