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USO Fort Hood serving military members and their families

USO Fort Hood began their journey in 2001 as the first USO center on a military installation.

FORT HOOD, Texas — The USO aims to be a place for service men and women to find employment, entertainment, food and a place to relax for them and their families. 

USO Fort Hood began their journey in 2001 as the first USO center on a military installation, according to executive director Isabel Hubbard. 

"Wherever they saw USO, they had a home away from home," Hubbard said. 

It not only offers dozens of services but it provides a place for those who serve our country to find comfort. 

"We're supporting them do their job by making it possible for them to have a place where they can come relax, read a book, watch a movie, play games, just some place where they can just de-stress, and breathe," Hubbard said. 

The USO is not just for service members. Their families are welcome too and that's why they have a children's area and a movie theater.

"Everything that speaks to the whole family, the military family," Hubbard said. 

As a non-profit, the USO runs on grants, donations and volunteers like Gayle Cabral who served in the military 20 years.

"I just love being around soldiers, you know giving back your time, you're just giving a little bit of yourself to them, making them feel more at home even though they're stationed here," Cabral said. 

Hubbard said the USO is the community's connection to the military and that they wouldn't be here without them. With their continued support, Hubbard said they hope to continue to keep soldiers connected to family, home and country.

"To make them just take a break a serious break from their job and then be refreshed, and then be ready to go back to work," Hubbard said. 

You can help them continue their mission by donating to the USO during the Yellow Ribbon Telethon, which will air live on Veterans Day on 6 News at 2 p.m.  

You can text "FORCE" to 74121 to donate starting on Veterans Day through the end of the year. 

To visit the USO Fort Hood website, click here, and for Facebook, click here

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