JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – National outrage continued Sunday as thousands protested President Trump's immigration plan.

"I can't describe to you the feeling of walking the streets when I was seven and seeing cars that were bombed,” said Natali Zaher, UNF student from Syria.

She came to America with her father as a child. In 2014, she became a US Citizen, and she's now a junior at UNF.

"Getting my American citizenship I felt on top of the world."

Zaher went back to visit Syria last year and says she feels blessed to know she could return to a country where people are free.

But she's concerned about the executive order President Trump signed Friday.

The order would restrict immigration from seven Muslim countries.

It would also suspend all refugee admission for 120 days and bar all Syrian refugees indefinitely.

“The fact that people are running away from being killed and we are denying them is heartbreaking.”

Her aunt who is from Syria but lives in the United States is visiting her children in Dubai.

This weekend she rescheduled her flight back to the U.S. because she's concerned with the executive order - she won't be allowed to return.

“The fact that she has to be in fear because she doesn't know if her green card will work to come back to her home is frustrating.”

This March, Zaher and another UNF student plan to study abroad in Europe.

Her classmate is Syrian but unlike Zaher she's not a US citizen.

Her friend is worried if she leaves she will be denied re-entry so she's scrambling to make sure that doesn't happen.

“She needs study abroad for her major, that can greatly affect her career.”

Zaher says she will always love America, she just hopes the new president will have a change of heart.

“There are people from all over the world who strive to make America great again – you are not making America great again by putting this order out.”