JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - A Jacksonville Beach-based business is offering a new way to cruise around Duval County’s beaches. Three wheels, six seats, one tuk tuk.

Stephanie Dale is “Chief Tuk’n Officer” of Go Tuk’n, which offers historic tours, pub crawls and other specialty events.

“Every time that we’re driving around people literally honk their horn, they wave to us, they hoot and holler, you don’t see them every day,” Dale said.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “what’s a tuk tuk?”

“Typically something that people use for taxis around lots of parts of the world,” Dale said.

Dale was first inspired by the tuk tuks she saw in Costa Rica six years ago. Since then, she’s been working to bring an eco-friendly version to the First Coast. Go Tuk’n’s current fleet of four runs on commercial-grade batteries.

“We’re so spread out here at the beaches that it’s hard for people to go from place to place,” Dale said of what the business offers beaches residents and visitors.

Go Tuk’n started its first tours about two weeks ago and plans expand to the Riverside and Avondale areas of downtown Jacksonville.

Dale said all the company’s business partners are local, and she’s thrilled to have a new tool to show off the town she calls home.

“It’s a very emotional thing whenever you pour your heart and soul into something,” she said. “And you just know it’s gonna change the dynamics of our entire community and give people a perspective of what Jacksonville really is.”