JACKSONVILLE, FL -- The Walk of America expedition began back in June in Los Angeles with the goal of reaching New York City in September.

The team made a stop in Jacksonville. They're exhausted, but elated by the size of the crowd that met them with smiles and a thundering applause.

"I got goosebumps," said Larry Hinkle, "I can't put words to it."

The staff of the Wounded Warrior Project lined both sides of a long side walk to encourage them to keep walking.

" A lot of these people fight for what we are walking for," said Hinkle.

The team of six veterans, three Americans and three British soldiers, are making the trek to raise funds and save veterans.

Matt Fisher, a television set designer in England, works with the Walking with the Wounded Charity.

"It is to support the veterans on both sides of the Atlantic and raise awareness of the invisible wounds of war that you can't see," said Fisher.

Hinkle served in the U.S. Marines. He said he left his corporate sales job three years ago to join the Walking with the Wounded team.

"We've been in these dark places," he said, "you know, the depression, the anxiety."

He said expeditions like The Walking with the Wounded "Walk of America" is more than raising funds. It is about lifting up other veterans from that dark place and re-integrating them in society.

"If you're in that dark space, reach out. We'll grab you, and we'll pull you out," said Hinkle.

Every step of their journey from the West Coast to the East Coast is aimed at saving post 9/11 veterans who are battling PTSD or TBI, and other mental health illnesses.

"It is a simple thing when you surround yourself with the people that understand. That's when the healing takes place," said Hinkle. "That's what we're trying to get out there."

The team's stop in Jacksonville puts them beyond the half way mark, they've got 300 miles to go.

But the brief stop in Jacksonville was a reminder that their journey is not in vain.

"It truly hits the soul," said Hinkle, "we are going to be able to walk another thousand miles just off this alone if we needed to, it is really humbling."

The team's goal is to be in New York City in September completing their Walk of America.