A dramatic day of testimony in federal court Tuesday with former Navy Captain John Nettleton taking the stand in his own defense.

The Navy commander was removed from his post as commander of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base following the disappearance and death of Christopher Tur, a civilian worker under his command in 2015.

Nettleton isn’t accused in Tur’s death but is accused of obstructing the investigation into his disappearance and lying to investigators.

Addressing the jury in a loud baritone, Nettleton began his testimony by running through his professional history and personal milestones

He grew briefly emotional when asked to recall what happened in 1989. After taking a sip of some water, he said 1989 was the year his daughter Julia was born.

His daughter of course testified last week. She was 15 at the time she witnessed her father and Tur in a violent fistfight in the family’s home. It was her text messages to a friend during that confrontation that tipped investigators to the fact that Nettleton may have been the last to see Tur alive.

Nettleton didn’t initially tell anyone about the fight or the fact that he’d had an affair with Tur’s wife – which was the source of their confrontation.

news that Nettleton would testify followed another surprise – a witness who claims to be the last person to see Tur alive.

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News that Nettleton will testify followed another surprise – a witness who claims to be the last person to see Tur alive.

That woman, a Jacksonville resident who lived in Guantanamo at the time, was not disclosed by the defense until Monday. Carol Wolfe testified today that her recollection now is different from what she told NCIS investigators in Jan. 2015

She testified she saw Chris Tur after he is alleged to have knocked out Capt Nettleton in a bloody fistfight at Nettleton’s home.

Nettleton’s testimony is expected to last at least into the afternoon.

First Coast News is in the courtroom and will provide updates on all the day’s developments.

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