JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Jacksonville Beach Police Officer William 'Bill' Eirman goes by the name 'Red Dog' on his Facebook page and wears his uniform proudly.

His Chet's Creek neighbors know him as the friendly, solid guy next door who happens to be a police officer.

"I had no idea it was him in the shooting," said Lea Hudson.

Hudson, who lives a few doors down from the Jax Beach Police officer in their Chet's Creek community, was stunned to learn that Eirman was shot twice in the line of duty.

"Wow. It is sad," she said.

Hudson said her neighbor is well respected in his community and because of his job, his presence gives the community a sense of security.

"I always look at officers as someone to respect and someone to feel safe around. It is kind of sad that others have no respect for that," she said.

It is a quiet neighborhood with manicured lawns and working families. Tommy Gilbert is from New York visiting his daughter who lives in the same block.

"I have too many friends that are police officers in New York and it is a shame it is happening way too often," said Gilbert.

Like so many in the community Gilbert is stunned to learn that the Law Enforcement Officer was wounded in a shootout, by someone who just started shooting at patrol cars.

"For all that they do for us in one minute they can possible lose their lives, it is just too bad," he said.

So far in 2018, nearly 150 law enforcement officers were shot in the line of duty. The Officer Down Memorial Page reports 37 LEO have died from their gunshot wounds. Many are now asking is there a growing disdain for the men in blue?

"Seems to be a certain hatred toward police officers these days," said David Hensley.

Hensley doesn't know officer William Eirman but said he appreciates his service.

"It is very wrong on every count," he said, " they're to protect and serve and don't deserve to be attacked like that."

Eirman, a sixteen year veteran with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, is expected to make a full recovery.