Jacksonville, Fla.— Students and teachers will organize to host a nationwide walkout Wednesday to honor Parkland victims and press lawmakers for stricter gun laws.

Women’s March Youth EMPOWER said more than 2,500 locations are expected to take part in the event, which will take place for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. Each minute represents a victim killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Duval and St. Johns County School officials said they’re aware of the walkout and are working with students that want to participate.

“It’s actually a good thing for young people to come together, form new friendships and be active in politics because it helps them feel secure in their environment,” Psychologist, Angela Mann, an assistant professor at the University of North Florida, said Tuesday. “This translates into their adulthood because they want to understand the democratic process and how they can be influencers or create change.”

While students do have a First Amendment right to protest, those whose schools’ forbid participation in the walkout could still face consequences.