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Police crack down on reckless driving, arrests made, snake found in an Infiniti

JSO has made a string of arrests in a move to deter the reckless vehicular spectacle of burnout scenes, meetups and racing
Credit: First Coast News
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is actively moving to deter street racing and reckless driving.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In an ongoing attempt to crack down on street racing and dangerous vehicular showboating, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is actively making arrests. Here are three of the latest:

Arrest 1, May 14: Cody Allen Cowart, driving a blue 2004 Infiniti with neon yellow rims -

Police say on May 5, vehicles were churning burnouts, spinning donuts, and putting on performances related to exhibitions of endurance and speed in the Roses Discount Store parking lot on Lem Turner Road in the Riverview area of Jacksonville. Approximately 200 people were spectating.

Officers observed Cody Cowart in a blue 2004 Infiniti with neon yellow front rims participating in such performances, donuts and burnouts, a police report said. 

Police pulled into the parking lot and the suspect Cowart proceeded to leave the area at a high rate of speed, the report continued. 

On May 14, officers identified Cowart again in the same Infiniti pulling off the same performances in a parking lot west of the Museum of Science and History in San Marco.  

Officers followed Cowart's Infiniti as it left the parking lot getting on Acosta Pkwy to Interstate 95 southbound driving recklessly at excess speeds, and arrested him a short time later on charges of racing, speeding and reckless driving, the police report states.

Cowart had a snake in a container inside the car, which was released at the scene to a friend, along with $40 cash, according to police report.

Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Mugshot for Cody Cowart

Arrest 2, May 14: Troy Neal Alexander, driving a white 2019 Mazda -

Jacksonville officers arrested Alexander downtown at Liberty and Adams St. for speeding, racing, reckless driving and disregard for public safety.

Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Mugshot for Troy Alexander

Arrest 3, May 14: Mauricio Edgardo Clavel Jr, driving a 2001 convertible Mercedes SLK 320 -

Jacksonville police arrested Clavel Jr downtown at Bay St and Liberty St on charges of reckless driving, racing, and speeding. 

No snakes were present in the vehicle, but Clavel did alert officers to a 9mm semiautomatic handgun located in his glovebox. Officers removed the handgun and placed it in a JSO property room.

Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Mugshot for Mauricio Edgardo Clavel Jr


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