Every year or so every news station on earth does a story about how you can save money on gas.

And now it’s our turn.

You can do things to your vehicle, things that are fairly simple, to save a few miles per gallon, and a few bucks.

First, make sure each tire is inflated properly. Easy to take care of that at any gas station, and some of them even have free air. So you’re double saving up on money.

Second, drive slower. This isn’t a lecture on safety or being legal, I promise. The closer to the speed limit you go, with minimal accelerating, your car will get better gas mileage.

If you have a newer car that shows you the actual efficiency of the vehicle in real-time pay attention to that. Watch what happens when you accelerate on an Interstate on-ramp, then watch what happens when you throw it in cruise control at the speed limit.

The mileage is so much better on cruise control.

This is why cars are rated for highway MPG and city MPG. The highway is always better because it’s assuming consistent speeds.

Finally, a practical gas price hack is signing up for a gas station rewards program. Sure, it’ll take a few extra moments at the cash register and they’ll want some of your personal info (email address), but you can knock serious pennies off that price per gallon with some of these programs.