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Stay Up & Save: How to save money on your prescriptions

Stay Up and Save: How to save money on your prescriptions

It can be awkward asking for a discount.

But when money is tight, and unless your last name is Khan, you have to swallow the pride and just do it.

Bargaining works in so many different venues, it can work when you’re getting prescription drugs too.

For instance, you have to remember to ask your doctor and pharmacist if there is a generic version of the drug being prescribed. There are still plenty of new drugs out there that don’t have generic versions. 

But if you’re lucky and get one, you can save hundreds, especially if it’s a drug you have to take for a long time.

Along the same lines, if there is no generic version, ask the doctor if there's a less expensive course of treatment.

Just like there’s more than one way to cook an egg, there's more than one way to treat an ailment or disorder.

Certain drugs may only require one dosage per day, which sounds fantastic for your wallet rather than taking medicine three times per day.

However, that three-times-per-day drug that has been around a bit longer may actually be cheaper. So ask the doctor.

Try an app service. There are several prescription drug coupon apps out there, we tested GoodRx.

This app allows you to search for a drug, and will then show you pharmacies close to you that have the cheapest version. Depending on the medication, there were some pretty big differences.

However, some pharmacies can't scan the electronic coupons and require printed versions. So make sure you call ahead to your provider to tell them what you have.

They may also match the coupon offer without the scan too.

Stay up with us every weeknight in November for more tips on how to save money on everyday things.