St. Augustine, FL -- "Pink and white! Fight, fight, fight!" Nothing better than to see an entire student body rally to help women catch breast cancer early.

Principal Cynthia Williams and organizer Beth Morucci inspired their students at St. Johns Technical High School to go all out for a Buddy Check event.

The goal? Make sure students understand how important mammograms are, and raise money to help buy the Buddy Bus.

What is the Buddy Bus? It's a mobile mammography unit for six local counties, including St. Johns. The Buddy Bus costs one million dollars, and fundraisers are in full swing across the First Coast now.

Unfortunately, fewer than half of women get regular mammograms. The Buddy Bus can change that. It's a joint project between First Coast News and Baptist/MD Anderson Cancer Center.

At St. Johns Technical High School in St. Augustine, even the culinary students stepped up to help. They wore pink chef hats and made fancy pink eclairs to raise funds.

Other students wore pink and danced to get everyone fired up.

A big thanks to all the students and staff for helping us save lives.

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