JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Lou Philosopos has a new melody and a new sound. Earlier this week the St. Johns County homeowner had hit a sour note with his electric utility company.

"It sounds like my problem is solved," he said. "I got a call from FPL." 

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For seven years he has paid a monthly fee of $11.67 for a Surge Shield, only to discover the device was never installed.

"I had been paying for nothing, yes," said Philosopos.

When he reached out to Florida Power and Light he said he was met with a chorus of "No Credit, No Refund, No nothing."

And that's when he called On Your Side. We reached out to the utility company, he said that's when the music changed.

"I guess it started things rolling," he said.

FP&L told On Your Side they would investigate, but apparently did more than that; the next day a Surge Shield was installed at his home.

"They came out the next day and installed it on my meter," he said.

And now the "no's" have become "yes."

"They're going to give me full credit for five years because that is as far as they will go and a check for the remaining two years," he said.

The company's response has given him a new sound and new confidence in FP&L

"I'm just thankful there are people like you that would fight for people like me," said Philosopos.