When Chase Woodard saw the devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael in Florida's panhandle, he knew he had to do something to help.

Woodard grew up in Navarre Beach, which is just two hours from Panama City. Though the devastation didn't affect his hometown severely, the surrounding area has little left but debris and flattened houses. As Halloween approaches, Woodard wanted to help the kids from that area have a happy Halloween.

"All the stuff I grew up around seeing destroyed it’s like not going to be there anymore and the kids without there homes destroyed," said Woodard. Knowing the kids in that area won't be able to trick or treat made Woodard want to take action.

"I’ve always really liked Halloween as a kid and to see that kind of makes me really sad," he said.

He created a GoFundMe to buy costumes and candy along with supplies for kids impacted by Hurricane Michael.

"We've already spent $400 on goodie bags and candy, toothpaste and toothbrushes and that should be coming in on Monday," said Woodard.

The page has already raised $1500. Once the supplies arrive he and his family are going to set up a booth to distribute the items to those in need. You can donate by clicking here.