ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla.—Gary and Deb Testa love to cycle, but they don't get on A1A in St. Johns County nearly as much as they used to.

"Primarily because of the installation of the rumble stripes," Gary said.

Rumble stripes are also known as rumble strips. They're the divots cut into the asphalt on the roadway that are designed to keep cars from drifting outside the lanes.

The Florida Department of Transportation cut them into A1A from Mickler's Landing in Ponte Vedra to Vilano Beach a few months ago.

Gary noted, "I think the rumble stripes are a good safety measure in a bad location."

Cyclists say the rumble stripes are dangerous because bike tires get caught in the grooves. Also, If there's any debris, garbage cans, or anything on the side of they road, then "we have to traverse over those rumble stripes each time -- in and out," Deb explained. "And each time we do that , there's danger in getting the tire caught and then going over the front of the bike and crashing."

Heather Neville is a transportation advocate in St. Johns County. She said rumble stripes are usually on interstates and rural highways.

"That's where it makes sense. Long stretches of road where you see single car drifts and a lot of death from that. This is not that road," Neville noted.

An online petition is asking the Department of Transportation to remove the rumble stripes from A1A along this stretch of roadway.

Not only is there a concern for safety, but there's a noise issue as well. Some of the people who live close to A1A say these rumble stripes are so loud.

Deb said, "I know of some families who have had to move their bedroom locations because of these rumble stripes."

Neville said, "The Florida DOT has committed already to removing the rumble stripes from the north part of Guana to Ponte Vedra. They did not commit to removing all of the rumble stripes."

"They need to do something and my hope is they'll put in an alternative measure here," Gary added.