ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Cities across America have programs where you can rent a bike to get from point A to point B. Now, one seems to be on its way to Northeast Florida.

St. Augustine is asking for requests from bike sharing companies.

Tyler Schroeder is a Flagler College student who rides her bike, "usually from my house to here," she said as she locked her bike at a rack on campus.

People like Schroeder who like to pedal around town are just the folks who would participate in St. Augustine's future bike sharing program.

A bike share program is where someone can "rent that bike to get from point A to point B and leave the bike there," Xavier Pellicer said. He is city's Mobility Coordinator.

"They're only renting it for that 5, 10, 30 minutes. They're not renting it all day," he explained. "And they're not using a car."

The City of St. Augustine has put out a request for proposals to bike share companies, which exist in other cities such as Charlotte, Knoxville and Miami.

"As far as in Northeast Florida, we 're going to be leading the way. Our nearest neighbor that currently has a successful bike share is Gainesville," Heather Neville said. She is a bicycling advocate. She has worked on a bicycle sharing program for Saint Augustine for four years.

"I want more people on bikes so we can get better infrastructure that's safer and better connected," she noted.

"We're trying to decrease traffic and make it easier for people to get around town," Pellicer said.

He also said the program will cost taxpayers nothing.

"The people rent the bikes, so whoever is using the bikes, they're renting them," he explained. "It pays for itself, so it costs the city nothing."

As for Schroeder, she's locked into the idea. "The bike sharing program is a really good idea because it would help public transportation and helps with the environment," she said.

The city expects the bike share program to wheel into town sometime this spring.