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St. Augustine gharial celebrates third birthday at Alligator Farm

Happy birthday Makara! Makara a gharial, a type of Asian crocodilian distinguished by its long, thin snout.
Credit: St. Augustine Alligator Farm

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — The St. Augustine Alligator Farm celebrated one of their own's third birthday last week. 

Makara is an Indian Gharial and was the first successful hatching of its kind outside of India or Nepal the zoo says. 

Gharials are a type of Asian crocodilian, the National Geographic writes. They're distinguished by their long, thin snouts. The St. Augustine Alligator Zoo says Makara can catch his own fish. 

Makara hatched June 12, 2016. He now weighs 1.8 pounds, 34 inches, and has 113 teeth.