The St. Augustine City Commission voted unanimously to keep the city's Confederate monument. It is contingent on the addition of a plaque on each monument to detail its historical significance.

It was brought to a vote during Monday's meeting.

City Manager John Regan has researched the topic on the city’s local memorial to local soldiers who served and died in the Confederate Army during the Civil War following more than four hours of public comment regarding the topic during the Aug. 28 meeting.

The news release ahead of the meeting said the contextualization for the memorial would be guided by a Commission-appointed advisory committee.

“There are two options not being recommended by staff. First would be to do nothing, and miss an opportunity to tell the city’s complete history. The other would be to relocate it which raises a number of challenges including how to move it without physically destroying it, the cost and who would pay, and identifying a place for relocation,” the news release said.