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Two Duval Co. early voting sites doubling as COVID-19 testing sites

"We will have plenty of signage and barricades to make sure the two groups are separated and will not cross paths,” said Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two Jacksonville COVID-19 test sites will also function as early voting locations starting Monday, according to Duval County Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan.

Hogan says that the Legends Community Center and the Oceanway Community Center will serve both purposes but assures that special protocols will be in place to keep the groups separate at both locations.

“My staff and I have already met on site with the City of Jacksonville’s Emergency Operations Center staff and testing officials at the two sites,” Hogan said. “We have coordinated access for the voters and those citizens who are visiting the site to be tested. We will have plenty of signage and barricades to make sure the two groups are separated and will not cross paths.”

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One of the locations will be the Legends Community Center, located at 5130 Soutel Drive. Voters will be in the gymnasium in the back of the facility and use the rear parking lot to have access into the gymnasium from Soutel Drive.

 Citizens who are at Legends for COVID-19 testing will be in the front of the complex. They will use the front parking lots, and they will have access to their own driveway. Signs will direct both groups to the correct areas.

The second location will be at the Oceanway Community Center, located at 12215 Sago Avenue West. At this site, Hogan says two different buildings will be in use. 

The Community Center (in the front) will be used by voters and The Senior Center (in the back) will be used by citizens who are coming for COVID-19 testing. Both groups will have their own parking areas and barricades and signs will be in place to keep the two groups separated and on track for access to their particular building.

The two sites will function as multi-use facilities from Monday through Sunday, August 16.

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Hogan says that additionally, protocols have been put in place at voting sites around Duval County that will help protect both poll workers and the public.

Workers will answer a series of questions to make sure they are healthy and ready to work and will be provided with face sheilds, wipes and hand santizer. 

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available to voters and all surfaces touched by voters will be cleaned between uses

Additionally, woters will experience a nearly “touchless” identification presentation process.

"We are making every effort to provide a safe and sanitary voting experience for our poll workers and our voters,” Hogan added.

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