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Bars, restaurants say they will be fully staffed for Orange Crush Festival

Some bars are planning to come together for a clean-up after the festival on Monday.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Restaurants and bars in Jacksonville Beach are preparing for the Orange Crush Festival, a big event that is expected to bring thousands of people out.

“We’re excited it’s going to be a big day for us. we expect big crowds. We also have extra door staff and we’re just trying to make sure we don’t exceed our capacity," said Dwayne Simas, manager at monkey’s uncle tavern. 

The festival will be hosting events downtown as well.

First Coast News asked BB’s Restaurant and Bar how they’re feeling about the possible big rush Friday.

“I think it’s going to be good for the city but I also think that you know this is the first time doing that event of that of nature, so we are 50/50 on that one we don’t know what to expect," said Jonas Loh, general manager of BB’s Restaurant and Bar. 

Loh says they’ve been around for over two decades so this festival shouldn’t be an issue.

“We just bring in an extra person for labor parts. we order more product to sell. Nothing too special," said Loh. 

A cook from Memphis Wings, Jemele Battle, says he’s attended the Orange Crush Festival many times. 

“The years we have had it in savannah it’s always been good. Of course, you have a couple of knuckleheads that’s anywhere you go whether it’s fourth of July, orange crush, memorial day," said Battle. 

Memphis wings is located in Jacksonville Beach and Battle says they’ve been prepping since earlier this week.

“We already been prepping all day today and yesterday. Prepping wings, prepping boneless, getting everything prepared just in case it becomes a big rush we’re already prepared," said Battle. 

Some bars are planning to come together for a clean-up after the festival on Monday.