Dozens of homeowners may cost an entire county affordable flood insurance.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Clay County officials say that many homeowners have rebuilt without proper permits.

The county says they’ve reached at least 22 of those people who said they will work with the county. They have not heard back from 40 others.

This could be a problem for homeowners along black creek if they don’t comply after experiencing a devastating flooding event.

“It’s so pretty out here now, but you could drive up and down the streets and it looked like a warzone.”

Five months ago, Janice Wimpee was able to move back into her home after elevating to 17 feet above Black Creek.

It was a long road to get permits to remodel her home, but she played by the rules.

“I’m in compliance, and I feel like that’s the smartest thing to do.”

Clay County says 62 homeowners are not in compliance.

The county says if they don’t comply, the whole county could lose the chance to get affordable flood insurance.

The National Flood Insurance Program could not be available to any resident because of a handful of others. 

You could still get flood insurance without the NFIP, but Chereese Stewart with Clay County says that the NFIP makes insurance affordable.

The insurance gives some peace of mind to people like Wimpee, who has a message for those homeowners not playing by the rules.

“Go to zoning, see what they tell you to do, and put it in place in the order they say as quickly as you can. It can be done,” Wimpee said.

Those homeowners will start getting letters soon telling them to contact the building department.

Anyone not in compliance is urged to call Chereese Stewart with the County’s Building Department at 904-529-3814 or 904-284-6307.